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If you are into hiking, rock climbing, fishing, then this Reiko holster phone pouch is a must!

Made with a camouflage design, this pouch is rugged, meaning it is strong, and supper resistant against very hard activities, such as construction work.

The pouch comes with a small hoop on the side for chain metal clip, it is also made with double enforces braided nylon that goes around the edges of the pouch for great protection.

The pouch holds your phone very tightly and it is available in several different sizes, so you may find the one that fits your phone best.


They are made with a metal belt clip that secures the pouch very firmly on your jeans belt or hoops. Since it is made of metal, it will not break (Important*** the metal, could be sharp and should not be allowed near small children)

Since the pouch has openings on the right and left upper side. We recommend wearing a case bumper on your phone when using this Reiko camouflage pouch. The openings are for you to take your phone out of the pouch, easily, and therefore they cannot be removed. Luckily has many cases that fit on the pouch.

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Here is a list of cases that will fit on the Reiko Camouflage Rugged Pouch 

Reiko Hybrid Camouflage Case

Reiko Dual Layer Case

Reiko Chain Hole Case

Reiko Transformer Design Case


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