It is difficult to page through a lot merchadise without the right direction, whether your are new to our website or new to purchasing online.

We decided to write this post, because it not only makes faster to shop for your favorite accessory but you can start enjoying it sooner!

How to buy a pink leather case for your iPad Air 2.

First step, click or place your cursor over ‘Products’. Then click on “Phone Cases” this can be done by either clicking on the list options to your left or by clicking on the phone case picture.

Second step, if you are using a computer use the tool bar to your left,  if you are on a mobile phone, then press where it says ‘filter’ this will show you the color and model options. 

Final step, select the color and the phone model. In this example, the iPad Air 2 and the color Pink, this will automatically list all phone cases that are pink and made for the iPad Air 2, now simply scroll down and you'll find the pink wallet case. Click on the case's picture and shop! 

Here are the steps shown with images: 

  1                                                                                                                         2


   3                                                                                                                         4


**Notice the navigational toolbar for the home page is under the home page banner. This navigational toolbar lets you choose your phone brand and phone model, once you click go, you will be taken to a new page where you can follow the same steps we talked about at the beggining of this post,


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