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If you haven’t paid attention blue lights from screens are said by doctors to may lead to cancer. This was published at the Harvard health publications.

Blue lights from screens are stronger at night or when our mobile devices are turned on with little to no lights around.

These lights effect people who spend long hours on their screens, especially during nights, what this means is if you are working night shifts, it is very likely you are suffering and maybe you haven’t even noticed until now.

Blue lights have strong effects on


  • The elder
  • Young kids
  • Pregnant women


Sleeping with our Smartphone by our bed side also makes it easier for us to spend long hours texting, watching online videos or playing mobile games, which in turn causes severe strain and fatigue to your eyes, but the fact that these lights also have these harmful blue lights, which may help develop cancer, makes this habit, very dangerous for your eyes.

The centers for disease control and prevention on a new article stated that “the lack of sleep in America is a public matter” – These blue lights have not being linked to Americans sleeping less hours, but since phone usage has risen in recent times and in the new era of multitasking, it is easy for Americans to get caught up at work, even if working hours has already ended.

A new type of glass screen protectors were built, they are called the Anti Blue Lights Screen Protectors and they are made of:

  • Special Anti Blue Light Filter, a new technology that shields your screen and prevents harmful blue lights from damaging your eyes.
  • 9h Hardness scratch proof, this helps the screen protector to be strong against sharp objects, including knifes, and scissors.
  • Special HD printing, makes it smoother for the screen protector to attach to your phone.
  • Made of premium tempered glass, if broken the screen protector will shatter in small pieces that are not sharp.
  • Oleophobic coating, reduces finger prints and makes it easier for cleaning.


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