Reiko MFi Apple Certified USB Cable

Date of publication : 9/28/2015 Author :

This cable is great and not only because it is long but because Reiko Wireless really took its time into creating this wonderful, piece of art. If you own the new iPhone 6S or are upgrading from the iPhone5S to the iPhone 6, then this is must have, it is fully compatible with all apple devices including the iPad Air, and iPad Pro.  

But why on earth would you need such a long USB cable? If you are a gamer, then you know the power of listening to your favorite music while playing Need for Speed, Call of Duty or FIFA 2016, your phone could be powering off, and you can’t connect it to your phone adapter because your cable, is too small.

This cable is perfect, you can be 6 feet away from your electric outlet or power adapter, and this cable will make it feel as though it is, right there, next to you.


Or perhaps you are the kind of person, who enjoys watching Netflix, playing Angry Birds, Temple Run, Cut the Rope, Infinity Blade, or reading BuzzFeed, Flipboard, Pocket Casts on your iPhone or iPad. Now imagine, your apple device powering off, if you are seating on your favorite couch or laying on bed, this would usually mean having to get up and plug your device and let it seat, until it chargers up.

You can’t go back and enjoy your iPad or iPhone, because the cable that apple gave you is simply, again, too small. This is the very problem the MFi Apple Certified 6 Feet USB Cable, solves.

This cable is thicker than apple’s original lightning to USB cable and was made to charge and sync your apple device simultaneously.

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