Buy Reiko Wireless Genuine Leather Phone Case with Hand Strap and Card Holder

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1)      Reiko 3 in 1 Wallet Cases

These cases are made with card slots and cash. They protect your phone against hard drops. Take them to the park, match them with your evening outfit this case will blend in easily.

The case can also be used my men we recommend buying it in black color.

The main feature of the wallet case is in their closed padding. It shields your phone against any damage including your phone screen.

An added bonus includes the free stand feature. Use it to watch your favorite YouTube videos and Netflix movies.

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2)      Reiko Hybrid Heavy Duty Holster Combo Cases

These cases are like a tank. No we are not kidding.

The cases are made with three layers of protection. An inner silicone layer and outer hard layer and a holster clip hard cover.

Together they protect your phone against heavy damage and hard falls.

The clip can also be stretched to a free kickstand. You can watch your favorite Netflix and YouTube videos. We think Angry Birds will do too.

To installed it on your phone:

1) Place your phone inside the silicone cover

2) Place the hard cover on top of the phone with the silicone layer on

3) Snap the holster clip on top of the hard cover

The phone case can also be clipped to your belt or bag.

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3)      Reiko Hybrid Heavy Duty Hybrid Jewelry Diamond Cases

In short this phone case is a tank with diamonds. It is, you’ll have to own it and see for yourself how dropproof and beautiful this phone case really is.

It is made with two layers of protection. An inner silicone cover and an outer hard cover, the hard cover snaps on top of the silicone giving your phone the protection it needs.

The phone case is very simple to use and very easy to take out. It is the number one choice when it comes to both a fashion looking phone case and a hard shockproof phone case.

Don’t be confused with the rhinestone diamonds on the case. This protection is heavy duty.

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4)      Reiko Hybrid Heavy Duty Cases With Kickstand

These cases are heavy duty and slim. Yes you heard it right. They are slim.

The cases were thought to be just an added product line to the Reiko Hybrid Heavy Duty Holster Combo Cases, well who thought they would become so popular!

The case is made of two layers of protection. It is made with an inner silicone layer and outer hard cover with a built in kickstand.

The kickstand can be locked to watch your favorite videos hands free. Just like the Reiko Hybrid Heavy Duty Holster Combo Cases. The main difference between this case and the Holster Combo Phone Cases is that these cases are not bulky.

You can have them on your pocket or purse and no one will notice you have it on.

This phone case is shockproof and dropproof

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5)      Reiko Genuine Nappa Leather Wallet Cases With RFID Card Protection

This case is worth its price. If you feel this phone case is too expensive. It means you haven’t touched its fine leather craft.

This phone case is also made with RFiD card protection.

Yes, it shields your device against identity theft card readers. The case also comes with slots for cash money and cards.

The case smells like a luxurious and expensive leather jacket and the closing padding protects your phone if it ever drops.

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6)      Reiko Genuine Nappa Leather Hand Strap Cases

Just like the Reiko Genuine Nappa Leather Wallet Cases with RFID Card Protection. This phone case is made with real leather.

It also comes with card holder slots and a hand strap. The hand strap can be stretched to a free kickstand.  The strap also adds more security when holding your phone and a strong grip.

Run with the phone case. Jog with it, the phone case won’t slip off your hands. If you are always losing sight of your cards then simply store them on the back of the case.

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7)      Reiko Belt Clip Polymer Cases

Let’s face it. Most phone cases cannot be clipped to a stand, yet these phone cases do and they also clip to your belt.

These case are made a material called polymer, polymer is semi strong, semi flexible. It gives your phone normal protection against drops and it bends so you can easily slide in and slide out your phone in and out of the case.

The case comes with a large opening on the back. This is because the hanging or lose piece of polymer can go over the stand or your belt and clip the case over.

The cases were patented by Reiko Wireless and they now come with an opening hole on the back that shows your phone logo.

This phone case is slim and can fit almost anywhere. Have it on your pocket or purse and people won’t notice it.

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8)      Reiko Jelly Polymer Gel Cases

These cases are made with silicone. They are very thin and add zero to no weight to your phone. It is important to keep in mind that these cases are not shockproof nor drop proof.

There is no guarantee the phone case will protect your phone during drops. Yet this case remains a hot one to try due to its slim design.

The phone case can fit almost anywhere because it acts like a thin layer on top of your phone.

The phone case still protects your phone against casual shocks, bumps and bruises. We don’t recommend dropping your phone on the street concrete or pavement.

The case is flexible and can bend to cover your phone very tightly. The case also comes with a screen protector and wiping cleaning cloth.

This phone case can easily be the triple deal.

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9)      Reiko Rhombus Wallet Cases

The main difference between these wallet phone cases and the 3 in 1 wallet phone cases is that these cases do not fold or bend into a free kickstand. Go figured.

The wallet case is still a popular case due to its shiny color.

The case does not come with a cash slot but it does come with card holder slots.

The case protects the edges of your phone with its extended padding. A phone case is glued to the interior of the case where your phone easily snaps on.

You can close the case and still talk over the phone with its three small circle openings on the front face of the case. (This is feature is also present on all the wallet cases shown on this list including: Reiko 3 in 1 Wallet Cases and Reiko Genuine Nappa Leather Wallet Cases With RFID Card Protection, also a magnetic belt keeps all these wallet phone cases closed.

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10)   Reiko 3 in 1 Animal Zebra/Leopard Print Wallet Cases

These cases are not only like the regular 3 in 1 Wallet Cases but they also have a special zebra pattern design. This wallet case is available in colors red, pink, purple and white.

They can be bent backwards into a free stand. These wallet cases come with card slots and a magnetic belt clip that keeps the case secured.

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