Buy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2016

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1) 3D Virtual Reality VR BOX

To use this new tech you will have to install an app on your phone. Go to your app store and search “vr box” download the first app that appears on the top search.

This 3D VR Virtual Reality Box lets you watch 3D YouTube Videos and Neflix videos. It comes with a small instructions manual on how to use its most important features, such as adjusting its lenses.

 The 3D Virtual Reality VR Box requires no special hardware or kit to work.

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2) Reiko 3 in 1 Wallet Cases

If diamonds are woman’s best friend, then a wallet could be her closest second. It comes to no surprise that these types of cases are selling very high.

Made with slots that can store your cash money, credit cards, business cards and driver’s license

These wallet cases are so practical that you probably won’t need a wallet after buying it.

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3) Reiko Genuine Leather Hand Strap Cases

These cases are made with soft and genuine leather. You can hold the case tightly by placing your hands under the strap.

The strap can also be stretched to a horizontal kickstand.

What makes this phone case very special is not its strap, but its slim design. It can fit perfectly on your bag or pocket without anyone notice it.

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4) Reiko Genuine Leather Wallet Case With RFiD Card Protection

This case could be an upgrade of the Reiko 3 in 1 wallet case.

But unlike the 3 in 1 wallet case this case comes with an RFiD card protection. RFiD stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It is the latest technology; thieves are using to steal your credit card information.

If you are the kind of person who carries its credit cards on pockets or bags. You might be in danger.  

This wallet case shields your card from card readers and comes with extra slots to store cash, business cards, driver’s license and so much more.

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5) Reiko Selfie Monopod Stick

If your mom is the kind of person who loves to shot pictures where ever trips she goes.

Then this is a must have.

These selfie sticks are stretchable and easily storable. They make the perfect companion to your summer vacations.

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6) Reiko Waterproof Sports Selfie Speaker

If your mom loves to listen to music when she works out then this is the perfect accessory she could get. The speaker comes with a smart memory that replays the last song when turned off.

Can be paired to any phone via Bluetooth, if your mom decides to work out under the rain, the speaker can sustain heavy water.

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7) Universal Metal Ring Grip Holder With Hook

This is the perfect add on accessory to your phone. The metal is well crafted that compliments the look of your phone.

The ring holder can be used as a kickstand and can be used on your car’s dashboard.

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8) Wood Grain Slim Snap On Case

This case is made of wood, is slim and can be stored on your pocket. This the perfect phone case for the mother who loves nature.

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9) Reiko Bass In Ear Headphones With Mic

What a best present for mom than a pair of headphones with mic. In case you haven’t notice this pair of earphones are been given away on mother’s day 2016 giveaway.

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10) Reiko 0.33 Mm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Don’t get your mom in the habit of breaking things. This screen protector shields your device Mother’s phone and it is shatterproof.

The screen protector is highly resistance that even sharp knives won’t be able to scratch it.

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If you feel I left a phone accessory out that needed be included, please don’t forget to include them in the comments.