Wireless Qi Charger

 You just arrived home and are looking for your phone adapter charger can’t seem to find it anywhere,                                          your Samsung phone is now running at 1% battery life.

 What could be worse? Oh wait, your girlfriend is now calling you, if your phone dies out and you don’t pick up,                                  well it is the end of the world for you.

 You finally find your phone adapter charger under your couch. Where is the cable? Oh, there it was, on your bag.

 You managed to plug the adapter to your wall electric outlet, and then grab the cable and plug it to your phone                              only to find out your phone is already DEAD.

 What could your girlfriend now be thinking? You can run your imagination wild but there is only one answer:                                  you’ll never know, because you never picked up the phone!

 Could this have turned differently? Unless you add a special scent to your phone adapter charger and then use                            your dog to find it, but that is saying that you already own a dog and that you have it very well trained to find your                      phone adapter?

 The solution is simple: Get the Reiko Wireless Charging Qi Pad NOW, it is wireless, simply plug the USB to your                    computer or wall adapter. Place your Samsung phone on top of the charging pad and it will automatically charge                        your phone, your girlfriend is calling? Not a problem, answer the phone, use your phone speakers, the charging won’t            interfere with any oncoming calls.

 Here is the link https://www.newshop.com/reiko-wireless-charging-qi-pad-6078.html

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