Dual layer hybrid case with kickstand

Date of publication : 9/22/2015 Author : newshop.com

Sometimes you can have a case on your hands but for some reason you don’t know if it will fit a phone, perhaps you are upgrading your phone and would like to buy a case just like the one you have, or perhaps you are thinking of buying it as a gift.

Don’t worry

The first thing you need to know is your phone model. For example, I have the Samsung Galaxy S6, so I visit www.newshop.com once there I click where it says devices, then I click where it says Samsung and then scroll and look for the Galaxy S6, once I find it, I click it. You will get a list of phone accessories, and they will all fit the Samsung Galaxy S6. If you already have a phone case, shift through the pages and look for the case that looks just like the one you have.

Bingo, problem solved


But wait what if you don’t know the phone model? Then it is best if you call the intended gift person and ask him/her what phone model he/she has.

Calling the person and no answer? Since it is nearly impossible to buy a case if you don’t know the phone’s brand and model, then we recommend buying a pair of headphones or earbuds, a stylus pen, speakers and even travel chargers, they are all universal, so they are much more, easier to buy.

If you would like to buy the products mentioned above then please click the following links:

1)   Headphones and Earbuds

2)   Stylus Pen

3)   Speakers

4)   Travel Chargers

If you bought a case and it doesn’t fit your phone please contact support@newshop.com

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