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If you have noticed dad’s phone case pouch is getting old then it is the best time to get him a new one!

Pouches are available in different styles, so it is important to notice the one dad is currently using on his phone. if he is using a leather pouch, then ask him of the dimensions of the one he has, if you can’t find it, then simple Google the dimensions of his phone, once you have that with you, head to and click where it says products once there. You’ll get two options, if you notice that dad has a bumper case on his phone, then select the option where it says FITS PHONE WITH LARGE CASE, if he has no case on his phone then select where it says FITS PHONE WITH SLIM TO NO CASE.

Another quick way is to click where it says devices, if you know your dad’s phone model, and manufacturer then click on one of the options. For example, if you he owns an iPhone 5 and you know it is made by Apple, then click on Apple, and on the options shown, scroll down and click on where it says iPhone 5, the process may take some time, and you’ll have to shift through some pages, but once you find the pouches, they will all fit dad’s iPhone 5, well at least in this case that is.

If dad doesn’t own a leather pouch, then you can get him a rugged nylon pouch, these pouches are very sturdy and heavy duty, if he is considering going hunting, camping, or mount claiming, then this type of pouches will suit him best.

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