Reiko Leather Horizontal Phone Pouch

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1) Pouches are not bags

It is true that pouches look like bags but they are not bags. Pouches are made with a specific size and suits a specific phone. Pouches are also made with belt loops and belt clips for security. Keep in mind that phone pouches are universal. For example: the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s have the same size, so the pouch that fits the iPhone 6 will also fit the iPhone 6s. If you are looking to buy a phone pouch then we advise to first find out the dimensions of your phone.  A great website that can help you find the dimensions of your phone is

Phone Arena has a collection of almost every phone in the world, to use their website simply type the phone model of your phone and bingo. It is that simple. 

2) Pouches made for special needs

Pouches are not made the same way and this is the case for Reiko’s patent phone pouch. The Reiko Leather Horizontal Phone Pouch With Easy Take Out And Metal Logo. This pouch lets you take out your phone easily and fast. The convenience is in its vertical front cut, you can use a finger or two to slide your phone over and get it out of the pouch without any hassles. 

3) Horizontal leather pouches have a bottom cut

Most leather pouches don’t come with a vertical front cut, but they do come with a bottom cut. This way it is easier to take out your phone. 

4) Pouches are not wallet cases

If you are looking to buy a phone pouch with a belt look and/or a belt clip, be aware. Most companies still name their wallet cases pouches. Wallet cases are more like folio cases or flip cases meanwhile pouches look more like small bags. Another major difference is that wallet case are typically made to store debit cards, credit cards, business cards and cash money. Phone pouches do not generally store cards. They are made to easily carry your phone on your belt. A few years ago customers pointed out to the benefit of having phone pouches with card holders and so these pouches came out Reiko Vertical Two Way Heavy Duty Phone Pouch With Buckle Clip And Card Holder, Reiko Heavy Duty Rugged Pouch With Card Holder. 

5) Rugged pouches are made of nylon

Rugged pouches are really made of nylon. Nylon is a strong material and can withstand hard work, such as construction work, fishing and hunting, but we don’t recommend using them near fire. Actually we don’t recommend using any phone pouch near fire. If you are firefighter or work on extreme fire conditions then you should be having a public radio, since not even smart phones are made to sustain such heat. 

6) Rugged pouches come with a Velcro closing

Unlike leather pouches that come with a magnetic closing. Rugged pouches come with a Velcro closing. The main reason is security, most customers who wear leather pouches usually work in offices and most customers who wear rugged pouches work in construction or hunting or fishing. People who work in construction don’t want their phone pouches opening every time they bend over. This is why rugged pouches are made with Velcro closing. There are still exceptions since some customers have told us to have magnetic closing on rugged pouches. Reiko Horizontal Rugged Pouch with Belt Hoops and Magnetic

7) Pouches fit phones with cases

Unlike other protections, pouches are known for being able to fit phones with cases. Other mobile accessories that are known to do this are purse cases. Here are some of the top best selling purse cases Reiko Crocodile Pattern Purse Wallet Case and Reiko Jewelry Rhinestone Purse Wallet Case Pouch. Phone pouches are able to fit phones with cases because they are made of universal sizes.

8) Pouches are made with a soft interior

Pouches unlike other phone protections are made with a soft interior. This is to help your phone keep its condition. Remember phone pouches are not made for a specific phone.  The soft interior was added to cushion your phone against bumps and bruises. 

9) Rugged pouches can last up to 3 to 4 years

Rugged pouches are tough but the added metal clip makes them last longer. Some customers have claimed to last for over 3 to 4 years.

10) Pouches are not phone cases

Pouches are made to carry your phone easily on your belt by having a belt clip. Phone cases only offer protection to your phone. With the exception of these phone cases Reiko Belt Clip Polymer Cases and Reiko Hybrid Heavy Duty Holster Combo Cases. Another major difference between cases and pouches is that pouches don’t allow you to use your phone while inside the pouch, but cases do.