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With so many cases to choose from, getting the right case could be tricky. In my case, I want a phone case that is not bulky, since why would you buy a beautifully designed case, just to add a case that looks like a rock to it? makes no sense. A slim thin case, doesn't work either, in case the phone drops. Then, I came a cross this phone case, that looks just like the iPhone 6, so in this post I highlighted some of the best specs about the case.

First, the Reiko Wireless iPhone 6 Slim Dual Cover Case is made of a hard outer slim smooth plastic and inner sturdy silicone shock absorber layer, yes the silicone is sturdy enough that feels like an extra layer on the phone. Although it feels a little weight is added, the phone feels more secure.

I addition, its high quality silicone and TPU outer material makes this case very durable and resistant even to hard outdoor activities.


Second, the case is made with front raised edges that protects your iPhone and touch screen during drops. The outer layer also gives your iPhone a new and luxurious look, blending seamlessly with the iPhone 6 design, the hybrid case also comes with an opening at the back, for Apple's iPhone logo.

Unlike other phone cases out there, this case is slim, regardless of all the specifications motioned above, it is also very easy to use, and comes with precise openings for audio and camera.

The case is available in several different colors for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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