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Phone pouches come in different sizes, just like phones, so our first step is to find the right phone pouch for you is to first find the dimensions of your phone, whether you have an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Nokia, Motorola, HTC etc,

to find the dimensions of your phone go to, and on the search option type the phone model you have. For example: if you have the iPhone 6 Plus, then type: iphone 6 plus.

You will be taken to the search results: click on the picture of the phone that shows up.

In this case the iphone 6 plus, once you have clicked on the phone’s picture, you will be taken to a new page.

On this new page, look where it says dimensions. The number in this example is 6.22x3.06x0.28 inches, this is the dimensions of the iphone 6 plus (Important*** write down the dimensions in inches, do not write the dimensions in millimeters (mm))

If you find this way to find your phone dimensions difficult, then just go to and search for your phone’s dimensions (but please do not search for size)

Now that we know the dimensions, on click on products, then click on pouches.You will get two options.

Now, if you have a phone bumper case, or any type of protection on your phone, click where it says “FITS PHONE WITH LARGE CASE

If you don’t have a phone case, or any other type of protection on your phone, click where it says “FITS PHONE WITH SLIM TO NO CASE”.

Once you have clicked you will see different dimensions for every phone pouch, it all works from larger pouches showing first to smaller pouches showing last, so go to page 8 or 10 if you have a very small phone.

If you are searching on your desktop computer or laptop on the left hand side you can filter your search by phone model. 

if you are searching on your smart cell phone mobile, you can click where it says "filter". This will also help you norrow your search to your phone model and color. 

In summary, it all comes down to matching the dimensions of your phone to the dimension of the phone pouch and you will be all set and ready to enjoy your new pouch!