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Remember when choosing a phone case was as easy as choosing a new car? Right, those days are over. With some many phone cases out there to choose from. Reiko Wireless reinvented a case that caters to all your basic needs, yes ONE hybrid case.

The hybrid case was introduced last fall, at the right time, when many only featured a simple layered protection, and would easily break on free fall.

This hybrid case ladies and gentlemen is a whole new ball game, and phenomenal. For the following reasons, first it features a dual layer cover protection. A silicone inner layer that leaves no scratch on your phone, when used, those hard rock cases that damaged the edges of your phone? Long gone.

No more worries of breaking your phone because the hard outer layer adds to the drop proof protection for your phone.




Some of the hybrid cases also come with a hole on the back to highlight your phone brand’s logo and they feature a built in belt clip holster keeping your phone close to you body for the feeling vibration when a phone call comes in. Yes, that means apologies and explanations for not answering your phone on time, gone with the wind.

And are you worried that it might not be as good of a option present on mother’s day or a great gift for your girlfriend? Well this hybrid case comes in several different colors, including hot, pink and red.

Reiko Wireless on a live statement said “this hybrid phone case is by far one of the best and easy to wear cases, that fulfills our customer needs in a meticulous fashion”

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