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Date of publication : 8/21/2015 Author : newshop.com

Hello, guys as you may know, the new iPhone 6s is to be released sometime late this year (2015), so when Apple thought of the back plate for the newly iPhone 6s they thought of a 7000 series aluminum, used in aerospace.

The iPhone6s is reinforced with a much higher presence of zinc, which does make it, much more stronger than the older versions iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models and still very light.

The big question remaining, how much weight is needed to bend the back plates of the older iPhone 6 and the new iPhone 6S

A test run by Unbox Theraphy using an XRF Analyzer that shoots alloy PMI that tells the element component of a material found the iPhone 6 containing an alloy composition of 6063. Which is found in most common shells for the iPhone and iPad, since it anodizes very easy, and it also gives the iPhone and iPad its colors. 6063 series aluminum is also what’s commonly found on windows, doors, and automobiles, which tend to bend a bit.

Now the new iPhone 6s, was found with a thicker alloy composition, but what is strange was not the alloy composition but the amount of zinc found, a surprising 7642 Series. With a 7642 series, the iPhone6s is expected to be sold at a higher price, due to the labor intensity that is used to produce this new iPhone.


Now. Why did Apple Changed? Was the added zinc 7000 aluminum series worth it?

To demonstrate, the first test was run with the iPhone 6, in order to get the base line With the added weight of the iPhone 6 to the scale, the total weight is about 2:11.4 (2 Pounds and 11.4 Ounces) and at about 30.13.9 (30 Pounds) the iPhone 6 bends and at 70 pounds the iPhone 6 is a complete wreckage.

Immediately, the same test ran on the now 7000 aluminum series iPhone 6s. With the added weight of the iPhone 6s: it started at about 2.12.4 (2 pounds and 12.4 ounces). Yes this meant a much more stronger iPhone and lighter.

The results: mesmerizing! The iPhone 6s bends at 82 pounds and 6.0 ounces, a more than double mount of force than the iPhone 6.

Check this video to learn more:


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