Reiko Leather Wallet Phone Case

Date of publication : 9/30/2015 Author :

Yes, a case with a wallet, it is all you need to get the most out of a phone case.

This portable Reiko phone wallet case comes with three slots that can carry: cash money, bills, credit cards, metro cards, ID, debit cards, driver license, driver’s permit, and business cards.

It is very snug fitting due to the the inner bending frame that holds your phone firmly.The outside of the case also has enough padding that it protects your phone if it ever drops. If you have a tendency of scratching the screen of your phone, the wallet case covers your phone entirely.


The case has well cutout ports for your earbuds or headphones and USB charging cable. With the case's opening at the footer you don’t even have to take your phone out of the case to charge it. It’s also made with a magnetic closure that keeps your phone secured inside the case.

Made with a ring small hole on the middle inside of the case for bracelet, lanyard, or chain attachment. The wallet case is medium size so it fits nicely on your pocket. Three small ring holes on the top front face of case, so you can talk with the wallet case, closed. If this wasn't all the case can also be folded backwards to enjoy watching your favorite Netflix movies, hands free.

Available in several different colors, this is the case we all have been looking for. To shop the case click here

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