Reiko Wireless Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Regular Screen Protector

Date of publication : 9/21/2015 Author :

You just bought a rather expensive smartphone of some kind and have decided to invest in a screen protector to ensure that it remains in good condition. But when you go to purchase one online at our store, you notice that there are two options: a regular screen protector and a tempered glass one. A regular protector consists of a thin, clear film that sticks to your screen and protects it from most shallow scratches and dings. A tempered glass protector consists of 0.5mm thick glass, which will protect the phone from bigger falls and hard objects. So which one makes the most sense for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine which protector to get:

Are you clumsy?

Did you see that video of the guy who waited in line overnight to be the first to get the iPhone 6 and then dropped it immediately afterwards on the news? If you thought "that sounds like something I would do," then you probably need a hardier screen protector. Some of the worst damage to phones comes from drops – even short ones. All you need is the right angle to completely crack your screen, and the regular protectors don't really offer any defense against hard objects and drops. If you rarely drop anything, much less your valuable phone, a regular protector is probably fine.

Do you carry your phone with a lot of sharp or heavy objects?

Are you in the habit of placing your phone in your gym bag with your dumbbells or in your computer bag with your laptop and several other hard items? First of all, that's a bad idea unless the phone has a separate pocket. However, if you are going to be doing this anyway, a tempered glass screen will give your phone an extra layer of protection. If your lip balm and driver's license are the only things that your screen is likely to encounter, a regular protector is you need.

How much do you care?

Consider the possibility of your new phone falling and the screen cracking. Will you be fine with that as long as the phone still works, or will it annoy you to the point that you have to go and buy another one? If you are the sort of person who thinks a cracked screen is a ruined phone, a tempered glass protector with shock absorbing properties is a smart purchase. It will save you the constant worry and paranoia associated with using the thing. After all, you shouldn't be afraid to touch your new phone! If you are confident that you can keep the phone in decent shape, but won't be devastated when an accident happens, a regular protector might be sufficient.

If you are still on the fence about which protector to get, take a look at our products. We carry a huge inventory of phone accessories and cases. These include privacy screen protectors for both our regular and tempered glass varieties that will keep others from seeing what you are looking at. We even offer a regular screen protector that doubles as a mirror when the phone is off, allowing you to check your hair or makeup. Check us out today!