Buy Reiko Wireless Heavy Duty Phone Case With Holster

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If you don’t have a bumper case on your phone, there is a greater chance it will break.

The question is, what case should you get?

Phone cases are at time hard to choose with some many designs on the market. Nonetheless a few cases stand on top. This is the case of the heavy duty cases. These cases are the strongest cases available out there, and for a great reason. They are made with an inner silicone/rubber cover and an outer hard plastic/metal cover. These cases protect your phone under the toughest conditions. That is because their dual thick cover makes them ideal for construction, fishing, and even factory related jobs, including mining.

Equip them with a screen protector and you’ll have one unbreakable case for your phone.


The second, to our heavy duty cases are our dual layer cases. These cases are your average day to day go accessory. They provide medium protection, they are usually good for those who work in moderate work environments usually IT Specialist, Warehouse Managers, Technicians and so on, these cases are drop proof enforced but they are not as strong as the heavy duty cases.

Just like their name says, they are made with a dual layer, but in this case, their layer is not as thick, unlike that of the heavy duty cases. Nevertheless do not underestimate these cases, they can withstand extreme conditions also.


Below are some of Dual Layer Cases:

1) Hole Chain Slim Case, 2) Clip Easy Polymer Soft Case, 3) Slim Case + Card Holder, 4) Camouflage Hybrid Case, 5) Dual Layer Mini Stand Case Heavy Duty Cases:

1) Heavy Duty Holster Case, 2) Heavy Duty Drop Proof Case,3) Heavy Duty Kickstand Case, 4) Heavy Duty Diamond Case, 5) Heavy Duty Fishbone Case, 6) Heavy Duty Metal Clip Case

Here is a review video on the Reiko Dual Layer Drop Proof Case

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