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At first glance the Samsung Galaxy s6 looks like an outstanding phone, made of an upscale smooth non scratch screen, a size of 5.65x2.72x0.27 inches and matte metal back plate body.

An improved fingerprint reader, and convenient new camera shortcut key make the phone a stunner. But it does have some major drawbacks, the Galaxy s6’s missing no removable battery, make it less attractive than previous Samsung Galaxy models and the battery life falls short to its predecessors also, and for some odd reason, it looks just like the iPhone 6.

In other words you might as well consider buying the iPhone 6


How about the iPhone 6? It is thinner, features a white and crisp 4.7-inch screen, with a much better camera autofocus than the previous iPhone 5s. This iPhone camera delivers much better quality pictures. Ions remain a top-notch mobile operating system with an excellent ecosystem of apps, and Apple Pay is a smooth, secure payment system. The phone is also very smooth, which makes it hard for a secure grapping.

So what’s bad about the iPhone 6? Just like the Samsung Galaxy s6, the battery life is extremely low, just as bad as the previous iPhone models, and like previously said, it is very smooth, which makes it very slippery, and can cause it, to fall of hands, fortunately there are phone cases.

So who won? In our view the iPhone 6, but only for a small margin, given that it was introduced last year (2014) and not this year as it was for the Samsung Galaxy s6


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