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Most of us are worried to take our phones near the beach, for others they don’t even consider it.

I talked to my friend Jorge, last week and he said “taking your phone to the beach is the worst experience ever” and that is because not only you have to worry about the water getting into your phone, but also the sand.

So what if there was a case that was made specially to seal your phone from sand, water, dirt,and snow? Unlike most phone cases introduced in the past, this case is a real game changer. Not only, it looks good, it feels good, it fits well and gives excellent protection.


This case sits well on your phone, and you can take it with you, while snowboarding, and swimming. This includes the beach, which we otherwise wouldn’t even dream of taking our phones, even if you have a case on.

This case fully covers your phone, so you are worry less of damaging your phone and even though the case fully embodies your phone, you can still use most of your phone’s features. But not listening to music, and using a charging cable, that is because the port openings can cause water to damage your phone. The case is also made with a clear screen protector that is finger touch sensible, so you can still have access to your phone. this includes texting and snapping pictures. To learn more specs of this case visit the link belo:

Umbrella Water Proof Case

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