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Power banks are external batteries, and are similar to travel chargers but without the need of a wall electric outlet to be powered.

Power banks are distinguished by their mAh. The “life of a battery” power banks come with different mAh, some with 2000 mAh, others 4000, 6000, and even 15000. A higher mAh means, the power bank will last longer

Power banks are useful during trips. Imagine you are in the middle of the road and your phone dies, you can’t stop and even if you did, the closes gas station could be hundreds even thousands of miles away from you. This is when power banks come in handy.

They also come in handy when going camping, hunting, fishing, rock climbing, and virtually any activity where an electrical outlet is no way near.

How to use a power bank? It is very simple, power banks are universal, so simply have your phone's USB data cable ready and connect it to the power bank, and you'll be set.


Want to buy a power bank?

Here are some of best selling power banks

Reiko Portable Power Bank Charger 2200mAh

Reiko Portable Power Bank Charger 4000mAh

Reiko Portable Power Bank Charger 5000mAh

Dual Portable Power Bank USB Charger 6000mAh

Reiko Portable Power Bank Charger 15000mAh


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